Online Baccarat


Baccarat is a card game that is believed to have been invented in Italy sometime around the late 15th century. Despite the aura of pretension that often surrounds baccarat, it is a simple game to play. The betting options are limited to "Dealer", "Player" or "Tie" and in the modern game all playing decisions are predetermined. In addition to its simplicity Baccarat offers one of the lowest house advantages of any casino game at around 1%.



Baccarat means "zero" in Italian, and it has a long and distinguished history. Like many casino games originating hundreds of years ago, its actual origin is muddy and many make claims to knowing how it came to be. For the mystical player, Baccarat provides plenty of mythological mystery in its past. Associated with an ancient medieval religious ceremony where a virgin throws the die and her fate rests on the number that appears: she either dies, becomes a priestess or well, just can't play anymore. Lucky for today's Baccarat lovers, it isn't necessary to be a virgin, and you never have to walk away or die. Just have fun and win real money.

Just like its actual history, Baccarat's rules have changed some over the hundreds of years since it was brought to France from Italy in the late 1400s. Even today, several varieties of Baccarat exist in the many land based casinos that have Baccarat. However, in both land and online Baccarat casinos you'll usually find the American version which is the style Tommy Renzoni created and brought to American in the 1950s. The American style combines both of the popular old French and European Baccarat styles broadening its appeal and boosting it into the stats as one of the most popular casino games. American Baccarat is also known as Punto Banco. Some players refer to American Baccarat as a simplified form of the game, or Mini Baccarat. American Baccarat has lower limits making it a great beginner's introduction to the fancier full-on style Baccarat and is a popular online Baccarat option.

You can find out about traditional Baccarat rules at the link above. The Baccarat games you'll find at online casinos are created using RNG (random number generators) and have all of the excitement of a live play casino. Our reviewers check each of the Baccarat online casinos listed on our site to make sure the software has the best graphics and sound quality to make it feel like you are standing in Vegas, Monte Carlo or any other big gaming establishment. Using our site to choose your Baccarat online casino saves you hours of frustrated searching through the thousands of search engine results, and guarantees you a well-researched and vetted site with excellent security to protect your vital information, 24/7 customer service to answer all of your questions and great sign on bonuses.

Sign on bonuses are one of the more unique perks of playing Baccarat online. Not only do you save tons of time playing Baccarat in your own home and give yourself the ability to play at a moment's notice whenever you have a few minutes to spare, but you get extra money and other perks just for playing. Online casinos do not have the overhead land based Baccarat casinos do, so they can pass on savings to the players. The online Baccarat casinos we showcase have the highest welcome bonuses around. You get this FREE money just for signing up and making an initial deposit. Welcome bonuses increase your play time and give you more value for the money you spend. Other loyalty perks can add free games or higher percentages on your winnings. So pick one of the Baccarat online casinos shown here and get ready to play alongside high-rolling players all over the world right from your own home, and have the chance to win big no matter what time of day you are playing.