Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker was one of the first poker related casino table games invented and developed by Progressive Gaming International (previously Mikohn Gaming).). It is quite popular often with a large progressive jackpot being offered. Caribbean Stud Poker does have a large house advantage compared to many other casino table games even with optimal play.



Online Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean stud poker was developed to take some of the tension out of traditional stud poker. While some versions of stud poker online can still be played against other players, with all of the common bluffing and banter, Caribbean stud poker is played against the dealer alone. In land based games, even though there are others at the table, everyone's hand is compared only to that of the dealer, and there can be several winners at any given table. In online Caribbean stud poker, it is just player vs dealer. This feature of Caribbean stud poker makes it a very popular game for beginners who have not honed their bluffing skills yet, and also for experienced poker players who want a more relaxing alternative to competitive poker styles. Since the odds are basically 50/50 without the added pressure of other players, the higher chances of winning also make Caribbean stud poker a popular choice amongst online card players of all skill levels.

The strategy involved in Caribbean stud poker is much clearer and easier for beginning players to grasp. All that is really necessary is a good understanding of the hierarchy of traditional poker hands. These do not vary from standard stud poker games. There are several stories that circulate surrounding the development of what is now known as Caribbean stud poker. One thing is clear is that it didn't originate in the Caribbean. It actually began in Las Vegas, and was brought to the islands in the early 1980s. Even the method of delivery to the Caribbean is unclear, which is unusual for such a modern game invented during the age of information. Some claim it arrived with players from cruise ships that brought the game they had played onboard with them to land-based games. Others claim it was James Suttle, who having paid a down on his luck Vegas gambler for the idea, traveled with it and spread its popularity. There are other versions as well, but however the game arrived, once it got there it became a huge success that quickly transferred online in the late 90s.

Basic Caribbean Stud Poker

Players can only have one hand at a time, and are dealt 5 cards each. In a land-based game the player receives his cards face down, and the dealer's cards are face down as well except for one exposed card. Online, since it is just you against the computer, all cards show face up in your hand, and the dealer cards are one up four down. Another bonus for Caribbean stud poker players is that the dealer must have at least one ace and king or better to qualify. A tie between dealer and player results in a "push" with both parties taking back their ante. Learn more about Caribbean stud poker rules at the links above. You can choose between standard Caribbean stud and Collision Caribbean stud poker for an even greater variety.

There is also usually an extra bet that must be placed before the hand begins. This bet is for the progressive jackpot and pays out bonuses depending on the hand you happen to hit. You will lose this side bet if you do not hit a bonus hand, no matter what happens in the hand between you and the dealer.

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