Caribbean Stud Poker Strategy Calculator

Caribbean Stud Strategy Calculator

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Enter dealer's card in the correct format.
Enter player's card 1 in the correct format.
Enter player's card 2 in the correct format.
Enter player's card 3 in the correct format.
Enter player's card 4 in the correct format.
Enter player's card 5 in the correct format.


Enter 1 dealer card and 5 player cards in the 2 character case insensitive format - [23456789TQKA][CDHS].
Queen of Spades can be entered by QS, Qs, qS or qs.
Seven of Diamonds can be entered by 7d or 7D.

Select from 0 to 30 cards that are known to be in other player's hands.

Select 'Remember Data' checkbox for the form to remember data between calculations. Unselect this checkbox to have a clear form after each calculation.

After your data is entered, press the 'Calculate' button to obtain an analysis.


  • This odds calculator is for entertainment purposes only.
  • Collusion and sharing of card information is prohibited by almost all casinos offering Caribbean Stud Poker.

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There are some very basic player strategy points for Caribbean Stud poker that anyone who plays the games should know. These include things such as when you have a pair or higher always raise, or if you have a lesser hand than what the dealer must have to qualify (Ace/King) always fold. However, past that, the strategy for Caribbean Stud poker is a little trickier. This Caribbean Stud poker strategy calculator can help you make the best decisions during the game. Using the tools we offer on this site can give you a better chance as a beginner, but even professionals find them helpful to use when games are fast and the heat is on. Making snap decisions in a competitive game is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. Using our Caribbean Stud poker strategy calculator keeps you from over-betting in the heat of the moment when reason can be overshadowed by the thrill of the game.

One thing is absolutely certain, the house odds go up when players play "blind". If you are raising on everything and just taking your chances as the cards fall, you're going to have a hard time keeping your winnings higher than your losses. Smart players use tools like this Caribbean Stud poker strategy calculator helps keep the odds at a much more reasonable level and your chances of winning better. There's no such thing as the perfect strategy, and even if you had the best strategy possible you will still lose occasionally. The trick is to cut your losses and get the most out of your winning. With even basic strategy, many players have increased their odds of winning enough that with a bit of luck on your side, a lot of money can be made. Use our Caribbean Stud strategy guide to start raking in more pots today.

Bookmark this Caribbean Stud poker strategy calculator and use it on any of the online casino sites we list here to get the most out of your game time and build your bankroll like a pro.