Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker Bonus Bet Analysis

Analysis of the Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker Bonus Bet

House Advantage

The Texas Holdem Bonus Poker Bonus Bet has a house advantage of 8.54%. For every $100 wagered on the Bonus Bet the player will lose $8.54 on average. Table 1 below gives a summary of how this figure was calculated.

Table 1: Expected Value by Outcome

Player's HandDealer's HandGainProbabilityExpected Value
Any other300.00452120.135636
Ace/King SuitedAny250.00301660.075415
Ace/Queen or Ace/Jack SuitedAny200.00603320.120664
Ace/King UnsuitedAny150.00904980.135747
King/King, Queen/Queen or Jack/JackAny100.01357470.135747
Ace/Queen or Ace/Jack UnsuitedAny50.01809950.090498
10/10 through 2/2Any30.04072400.122172
Any OtherAny-10.9049774-0.904977

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