Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker - Bonus Bet

Bonus Bet Payouts in Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker

Players of Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker may make an optional Bonus bet at the same time as they place the initial Ante bet. The payout is based on the player's two cards and dealer's two cards as listed in the table below. The payout does not depend on the play of the hand or whether the player folds or not.

Pay Table

Player's HandDealer's HandPayout
Ace/AceAce/Ace1000 to 1
Any other30 to 1
Ace/King SuitedAny25 to 1
Ace/Queen or Ace/Jack SuitedAny20 to 1
Ace/King UnsuitedAny15 to 1
King/King, Queen/Queen or Jack/JackAny10 to 1
Ace/Queen or Ace/Jack UnsuitedAny5 to 1
10/10 through 2/2Any3 to 1

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