Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker Strategy Calculator

Strategy Calculator for Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker

Player Cards

Board Cards


Enter cards and press 'Calculate' to determine optimal strategy.


Optimal strategy for Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker is determined by an exhaustive combinatorial analysis. See our analysis for a discussion of the house advantage and optimal strategy for this game.

Cards are entered in the form [23456789TQKA][CDHS] and are not case sensitive.
Four of clubs can be entered by 4c or 4C.
Ten of Diamonds can be entered by td, Td, tD or TD.

0,3 or 4 valid board cards must be entered.

The possible results are:

  • 'Fold' = Fold without making the Flop bet losing the Ante bet only.
  • 'Check' = Do not make the Turn or River bet.
  • 'Call' = Make the Flop, Turn or River bet.

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If you are new to Texas Hold'em it can be tough to decide what to do in the heat of the game. Even though Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker is not the same game that you see on tv, much of the strategy can translate. This Texas Hold'em bonus poker strategy calculator can help you create and learn strategy while you play and increase your chances of winning at the same time. Beginners and professional online poker players alike can take advantage of this Texas Hold'em bonus poker strategy calculator to have a better chance of winning larger pots and taking smaller loses when they do happen. Beginners need to understand that even professional poker players do not win all the time. Since losses happen, it is important to make sure you lose as little as possible, and that is where the tools like this Texas Hold'em Bonus Poker strategy calculator come in to play. If you have ever wondered how the pros make so much money playing online poker, you'll soon realize it is because they have learned to make the best use of all of the tools they can find to increase their chances and limit losses.

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