Three Card Poker Ante and Play Odds Calculator

Ante and Play Odds Calculator for Three Card Poker

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This odds calculator determines the house advantage for the Ante and Play bet from the casino table game of Three Card Poker. Enter the pay outs for the Ante Bonus bet and the house advantage for a variety of player strategies will be calculated. See the Ante and Play Analysis for more details about these calculations.

Enter pay outs as a floating point number between 0 and 1000 for each outcome which represents the amount the player wins assuming an Ante bet of 1 unit. For example 0 represents a push, 1 represents even money and in general a number represents odds of number to 1.

A negative house advantage means that the player has the advantage.

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This three card poker calculator will help you determine the best betting situations for each hand you are dealt. With three card poker, the decisions are a little different than any other type of poker since fewer cards are used. It is a very good idea for beginning players to learn the rules and how to analyze three card poker hands before playing, but this calculator will give both beginner and pro an edge when competition is tough and you have to make quick choices.

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Bookmark this three card poker ante and play odds calculator so you have it handy on any of the sites you choose to play and get started now. Come back often to look for the latest poker tools and information to increase your skills and win bigger pots.