Three Card Poker Strategy Calculator

3 Card Poker Strategy Calculator


Player's Cards
Known CardsClubs23456789TJQKA
Remember Data
Enter data and press 'Calculate' to analyze.


This online odds calculator determines the correct strategy for playing a hand of Three Card Poker as described on the Ante and Play Strategy page.

Enter the player's cards as a 2 character representation in the format: [23456789TJQKA][CDHS] (e.g. Queen of Spades enter as QS, 5 of Diamonds enter as 5D).

There is also the ability to select any other card the player knows about, perhaps those in other player's hands.

Select 'Remember Data' for the entered data to be remembered between calculations.

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Three card poker strategy is one of the hardest things for new players to master. Many beginning poker players are drawn to three card poker because it seems like it would be easier to play than the other poker varieties. However, the fact that there are so few cards means that traditional poker hands are limited and the need to make your picks in faster game atmospheres mean you have to make your decisions quickly. Speedy assessment of your hand can lead to bad judgment and more losses. Even professional players can have a hard time when deciding on a three card poker hand. This three card poker strategy calculator will give you a good idea how your hand stacks up. You should practice using this three card strategy calculator before using it in a game, because it can take time to insert all of the information the first few times. It will seem cumbersome at first, but once you get used to adding all of the card values promptly it will make your game time more fun while reducing stress levels and improving your odds of winning.

No three card strategy calculator can ensure a winning hand. Anyone who enjoys casino games like 3 Card Poker knows that you will lose occasionally. The three card strategy calculator can help you greatly reduce the amount of money lost on bad hands by keeping you from playing on in the heat of the moment. Reducing losses and increasing winnings means you will get more value out of your playing time and increase your bankroll over time.

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