Online Poker Games

Types of Poker Games

There are a variety of poker games to be found at online poker rooms. There is a section on poker in general as well as a section for some of the most popular games. Each section contains a variety of resources including rules, articles, odds calculators and quizzes.

Poker games continue to change and poker players' tastes evolve regularly. However, for years now, Texas Hold'em has been the undisputed king of poker, especially online. Texas Hold'em actually wasn't the most popular form of poker for years and years. Previously, professional players in Vegas and other places played stud poker variants and were quite happy doing so. It wasn't until the World Series of Poker started becoming popular that the game really began to take hold. Even then, the game was more popular for professional poker players than the average home-game player. Then in 2003, an unknown accountant named Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker Main Event that he entered through an online satellite. Thus started the online poker boom and attendance at the WSOP ME tripled the following year. Texas Hold'em became the game of choice for all new players to learn and it has stuck as such since then.

If there is one form of poker that has a chance to challenge the throne, it's Omaha. Omaha poker has picked up in popularity in recent years partly because of the high limit games that run on busy poker websites. Omaha offers tons of action and although the most popular form is pot-limit Omaha (PLO), the action can become so fast that pots regularly are larger than the most popular form of hold'em: no limit Texas Hold'em. In fact, many of the largest pots ever recorded were played on the pot limit Omaha tables.

However, Omaha isn't the only poker game to cut into the market share of Texas Hold'em. Mixed games, such as H.O.R.S.E., 7-Game and 8-Game have all become quite popular - especially at the highest stakes. Even lesser-known games such as Badugi have gained some loyal players. This often trickles down to the lower stakes games, although the vast majority of traffic at micro and low-stakes games is at Texas Hold'em and to a lesser extent, Omaha.

Whichever poker game you choose to play, it is vital to your bankroll to know and understand the rules as well as some basic strategy at the very least. One of the great advantages of poker games online is that you can simply play very low-stakes games while learning a new poker variant. Jumping into higher stakes games of a type of poker that you are not very familiar with is poker suicide. You will quickly become everyone's favorite person at the table as all of the more advanced players look to play pots with the new guy, a.k.a., the fish.

Suggested Reading

For those new to poker either of the two following books offer a good though basic introduction to the game.