Poker Rules, Odds and Strategy Tips

General Poker

Poker in general has a lot of rules and theory behind it. Here are some resources that can help you learn the games, improve your skills and ultimately win more money while playing the various forms of poker.



Odds Calculators



  • Records.xls - A very simple Excel spreadsheet for poker record keeping. Feel free to modify.

Although, the general game of poker has been around for thousands of years, it is the Americanized version that is most popular today. It is so popular that the game of poker in general has become a part of our everyday vernacular, bringing to us such terms as: poker face, beats me, ace in the hole, pass the buck, cash in, wild card, when the chips are down and calling someone's bluff. Poker is so wildly popular for several reasons: it's a game, but a game of skill not chance, it is simple to learn even in its complex strategy and the biggest reason of all - it brings the opportunity to win lots and lots of money.

The very basic rules of general poker are quite easy to understand. You can learn all about them in the links above. Where poker can become more complicated is the emotional and strategic aspects. We have outlined some of the most basic strategies for you, but poker is one of the best online card games for creating your own winning strategy once you become familiar with how others do it. The very fact that general poker strategy can be so individual is one of the elements that makes it so much fun.

Something that isn't so much fun is hunting for a good poker site. It can be downright frustrating and even a little dangerous. There are thousands of poker sites that show up on search engine listings, and it isn't possible to tell what lurks under the glossy skin covering them when you click on the page. That's why it is so important to select a poker site from a serious review created by experienced professionals. We have brought together all of the top-ranked poker sites for your inspection. These sites are thoroughly vetted by our own highly-qualified reviewers who join each one, download the software to make sure it works properly and has all of the security you must have to protect your personal and financial information. They also look for high quality graphics and sound quality to give you the real game feel, and great bonuses and loyalty programs to give you the most for your money.

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