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How Big Should Your Poker Bankroll Be?

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Enter 'Win Rate' and 'Standard Deviation' in the same terms, usually big bets won per 100 hands (i.e BB/100) or dollars won per hour ($ per hour).

Enter 'Risk of Ruin' in percentage terms. Professional poker players with no other source of income would generally use a figure of 1% or less. Other less professional players typically use a figure of 5%.

The result given will be the dollar amount or number of big bets required depending on whether the entered 'Win Rate' and 'Standard Deviation' were $ per hour or BB / 100 respectively.

This calculator is developed from the formula given by BruceZ at the 2 Plus 2 forums. Note that this formula is different (and more conservative) to the one given by Mason Malmuth in his book Gambling Theory and Other Topics.

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