Poker Betting Basics

Poker Betting Options

When it is a player's turn to act, the following options may be available when making a poker bet.

1) Fold
The player discards his poker hand and forfeits the chance to win any portion of the pot.

2) Check
If there has been no bet made on the current betting round a player may choose to check (sometimes called pass), putting no more money into the pot but remaining in the hand.

3) Call
If there has been a poker bet made in the current betting round a player may choose to call the bet, matching the current bet amount.

4) Bet
If there has been no bet made on the current betting round a poker player may choose to bet, putting money into the pot, the amount depending on the betting structure.

5) Raise
If there has been a bet made on the current betting round a player may choose to raise, first calling the current bet amount then raising the current bet to a larger size, the amount depending on the betting structure.

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