Miscellaneous Poker Decks

Games With Unusual Poker Decks

Joker's Added

One or more jokers can be added to a Standard Deck as wild-cards. This type of deck was commonly used at California poker rooms in draw poker games. The jokers have an effect of making stronger ranked hands more common and is thought to increase the amount of betting in a poker game.

Red Joker Black Joker

Reduced Deck

Reduced decks consists of a Standard Deck with some cards removed. A reduced deck is sometimes used in European poker games of stud or draw poker consists of 32 playing cards - the 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's and 6's being removed. Again this has the effect of making stronger hands more common and is thought to increase the amount of poker betting action.

By and large, the differences in the poker decks are not as common as the differences in how those poker decks are used when dealing the various styles of poker. When you are considering a particular game make sure you are familiar with the type of deck being used. If the poker room offers a free version, use it to practice and get the feel for the way the game progresses before making real money bets.

The bigger question is whether or not the outcome of a shuffle of the poker deck can be, or would be, manipulated by the online casinos who host the games. The bottom line is that it simply would make no sense for the casino to rig the deck. In the long run, the online casinos would be cutting its own profits as players would catch on and stop using their site. Online casinos and poker rooms want your traffic, and they want you to play their games. So much so that these sites offer many incentives that will bring you to them including welcome bonuses where they will give you extra money for every dollar you deposit in your account, to loyalty perks for continuing to join their games.

Online poker rooms use one of two types of shuffling systems to move the cards in the poker decks. The most common is the static shuffle where the cards are shuffled once then dealt from that final position. The other method is the continuous shuffle where cards are always being shuffled. In the end, no matter how the cards are shuffled the result of a deal is not dependant on a live dealer, but on a RNG (random number generator) making the outcome fair for all parties. When we review a poker room to include it on our site we make sure that the RNG they use is stable and consistently fair. One of the reasons you should use a well-respected review site such as ours is that we have the experience and ability to test these features. You will likely have to guess, and hope you are right if you chose a poker room from a search engine listing.

One of the greatest benefits of playing poker online is that cheating by players using extra cards to pad the deck isn't possible. You can only play the cards given to you. This makes online poker much safer than those in physical poker rooms where poker decks can be cheated by unscrupulous players. Along with cheating using extra cards in their hands, land-based players can often use collusion to cheat. Collusion is one actual possibility to watch out for in online poker games as well. Collusion is when two players team up and use secret signals to share information on the cards they hold with each other. It is difficult to do online, but possible in poker rooms that allow chatting between players. We monitor the sites we choose to list for you carefully to make sure that collusion is not allowed, and all games are played fairly so that everyone has a chance to win based on their skill.

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