Standard Deck in Online Poker

Standard Poker Deck

The standard poker deck consists of 52 playing cards, and is actually used in a variety of games including poker, bridge, blackjack and solitaire.

Each card's value consists of one of the thirteen ranks and one of the four suits. The values each of these may take on during a poker game are:

  • Ranks: Ace, King, Queen , Jack, Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two
  • Suits: Spade (Spade), Heart (Heart), Diamond (Diamond), Club (Club)

In poker, typically the ranks are ordered from highest to lowest as listed above, although an 'Ace' may count as either the highest or lowest card depending on the game. Suits rarely if ever are given an order in poker, as opposed to bridge where suits are ordered from highest to lowest as listed above.

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Poker requires skill and concentration, but the nice thing about it is that while there are many varieties, the basics do not change. That makes it easy for players to switch from game to game and play in a wide variety of tournaments for the most enjoyment and more opportunities to win. If you have never played poker before, learning the value of the different hands will be the first order of business. That takes the longest, but once you have that down you are ready to go on to live play. Start with one variety, and learn it well before advancing to the next style of poker. As time goes on you will find you can easily switch between the poker styles you have learned with just a quick review of each one's rules each time. When you're ready you can even play HORSE - a very popular variety of poker found in online poker rooms and casinos that combines a rotation of the most famous types of poker in one tournament type game. HORSE uses the same standard poker deck and stands for Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, Seven Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud hi-low Split Eight or Better (the "E" in Eight is the last letter in the acronym HORSE).

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