Omaha High/Low Poker

Omaha High/Low Poker

Omaha High/Low (8 or better qualifier) is a popular form of poker played at online poker rooms. Based on the game of Omaha, at showdown the pot is split equally between the high and low winning hands with players having the ability to "scoop" the pot. A player scoops when they win both the high and the low. Players could also win the whole pot if they win the high and there is no qualifying low hand.





Once the "new kid on the block," Omaha poker is now a staple at all major online poker rooms. While still relatively new in the realms of the centuries old game of poker, all versions of Omaha poker are now as much a part of the players lexicon as stud and Hold'em. In fact, Omaha poker has many similarities to Texas Hold'em, making it a popular online card game for those that want to work their way into the high-stakes Hold'em games. In Omaha poker, players are dealt two personal cards that only they see, and the entire table then plays their cards along with three community cards face up. While there are several versions of Omaha poker rooms, one of the favorites for players of all skill levels is High/Low (also appearing as Hi/Lo in some poker rooms) because of the greater chances of winning.

Learn all about the rules and strategies involved in Omaha High/Low on this page along with other helpful devices to give you an edge in your competitive games. Many online poker rooms listed here also offer free game versions so that you can practice your skills before choosing to play in real money games, but remember that you can't win real money until you play real money. The fun is just waiting for you.

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