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Please be patient as the number of combinations can be quite large for Omaha Hi/lo 8 or Better calculations compared to Texas Hold'em calculations.

Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or better poker odds calculator uses the Pokersource engine to determine outcomes. Thanks to all who have contributed to this project.

Cards are entered in the form [23456789TQKA][CDHS] and is case insensitive.
Four of Spades can be entered by 4s or 4S.
Queen of Hearts can be entered by QH, Qh, qH or qh.

Valid hands for 2 or more players must be entered.
0,3,4 or 5 valid board cards must be entered.

The Omaha Hi/Lo calculator on this page can help both beginners and professionals play with more efficient results. Keep this page handy while you are playing to give you an idea of how much your hand is worth and to determine if you should fold or move on. It can take beginners a little time to get used to using the Omaha Hi/Lo calculator while they are playing, so if you are just starting out, practice using it with free games for awhile until you are comfortable. As a beginner you should also choose the poker rooms listed on this site that offer the most time to make decisions during your hands. That is a good idea whether you are using the Omaha Hi/Lo calculator or not. Having more time to make your decisions will keep you from making hasty choices and give you better chances of winning.

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