Omaha High/Low Hutchison Point Count Calculator

Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better Hutchison Point Count Calculator

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This free online calculator will analyze a hand as described in the article Hutchison Point Count System for Omaha High/Low. The results produced are whether the hand qualifies as a playable high hand and the number of low hand points. A summary is given of how each of these results are obtained.

4 valid cards must be entered.
Cards are entered in the form [23456789TQKA][CDHS] and are not case sensitive.

Ace of Diamonds can be entered as 'AD', 'Ad', 'aD' or 'ad'.
Six of Spades can be entered as '6s' or '6S'.

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Hutchison Point Count Quiz for Omaha High/Low - A quiz that will help players learn how to correctly calculate high hand qualification and low hand points.

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