Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better Rules

Omaha High/Low Rules

Omaha High/Low rules are identical to Texas Hold'em rules apart from the following changes.


Each player is dealt four down cards.


Players who remain in the hand after all betting rounds are completed construct their best five card high poker hand using the standard hand rankings and their best five card low poker hand using the low hand rankings with an "8 or better" qualifier. Players must use precisely two cards from their own hand and precisely three cards from the board and may use different cards for low and high hand ranking purposes. This makes it possible for one player to win both the low and high portions of the pot.

If one or more players have a qualifing low hand the pot is split 50%/50% between the best high hands and the best low hands. If no player has a qualifying low hand the whole pot is awarded to players with the best high hand. Ties are also split evenly, so for instance, two players may have the best low hand while one other player has the best high. In that case each low winner would receive 25% of the pot, while the winner of the high would receive 50% of the pot. This is called being "quartered" and results in the players who receive 25% actually losing money.

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Omaha High/Low rules are simple, but like most poker styles require practice to perfect. Even professional poker players must take the time to learn new varieties of the game when they switch to a new style. It is helpful to note that each variety of poker game has many sub-categories that you can play without having to learn the specifics other than what makes them different. For instance, Omaha High/Low (or Hi/Lo) is just Omaha with a different way of splitting the pot. The rules are the same, but with High/Low both the best hand and the lowest hand win.

Playing Omaha High/Low is a great way for new Omaha players to have fun, learn the game and still have a chance of winning since you don't have to have the best regular Omaha hand to get money when you play. Skilled players look for high/low split games because they attract beginners and they feel they can win easier than in straight Omaha games, but a smart new player will take advantage of having professional level Omaha players at the table and learn from their methods while capitalizing on lesser hands.

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