Omaha High Poker Rules

Rule for Omaha High Poker

The rules of Omaha High poker are identical to Texas Hold'em Rules except for the following differences.


Each player is dealt four down cards in a game of Omaha High poker.


Players who have not folded during any round of betting construct their best 5 card poker hand using the standard hand rankings. Each player must use exactly two cards from their own four card hand and exactly three cards from the five card board in Omaha High Poker. The ranking of the hands are compared and the pot is divided equally amongst the players with the highest ranking hand.

There are no other restrictions placed on Omaha high hands. There will always be a winner from each game.

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Even though Omaha High is somewhat similar to Texas Hold'em, many players prefer Omaha High because it seems like there is often more action due to the number of big hands that are dealt. The biggest difference between Texas Hold'em and Omaha High is that in Omaha, players must use the two cards in their own hand, meaning they can only use three of the community cards. So even if there are four diamonds in the five community cards, players can only use three of them to round out a flush, or other similar situations. Omaha High may take new players a little time to get used to due to the large number of possible combinations each deal provides. The extra cards on the table may mean having to make some difficult choices. You can use the information in the Omaha High ranking quiz to test your knowledge and ability to make quick decisions on your hands. The Omaha Odds calculator in the link above is also invaluable and will help players of all skill levels make the best determination on what cards will work best and have the highest odds in each game.

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