Poker Glossary

Poker Terms Defined

Like any field, poker has its own terminology that the participants use. We have tried to provide a comprehensive list of terms so that new players can understand the "lingo". There are additional individual pages for card and hand nicknames, and also for commonly used chat acronyms.
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Card / Hand Nicknames

The glossary is set up here to help you make the most of your online poker experience. It is easy to navigate and contains all of the terms you need to know to stay at the top of your game whether you are an amateur or professional. Beginning poker players should bookmark this glossary page so they can refer back to it whenever they find themselves at a loss for an explanation of a word or phrase used while researching their chosen poker sites or playing the live games.

You can check the definition of any poker term while you are playing your hands so you know what other players are talking about in the chats too. Using our glossary will give you the background to banter with confidence like all of the pros and stay abreast of what others are saying to you. Our special "chat glossary" will give you even more phrases and terms to help you fit in with the big boys who play online poker regularly. Take the time to go through the chat glossary completely and feel comfortable using the terminology and you'll slide right into the games like a pro.

As a new player, you should treat our poker glossary like a rosetta stone and read through all of the terminology so you have a background of information to draw on. That way you'll have to refer back to it less often during your actual poker hands, and be able to communicate effectively as well as understanding the action going on around you. We also offer a comprehensive card/hand glossary to help you feel comfortable with the many variations of poker names you'll hear as you play.

All of the poker rooms listed on our site are welcoming for beginners, and will give you plenty of time to get up to speed and play. The software for these poker sites may often use terminology found in our poker glossary, but will be easy to understand and user-friendly. Our reviewers keep a sharp eye out for the very best poker sites and make sure that they are safe and secure, as well as comfortable for players of all skill levels.

Even after centuries, the game of poker is still evolving, so check with our glossary anytime you hear a new word or phrase to stay up to date with the latest terminology. Take your time leaning all of the terminology included in our poker glossary, and getting used to the chat terms in our chat glossary, and then pick one of our specially selected online poker rooms on this site to get started playing real money poker today. You may even find yourself sitting next to the next WSOP winner, or being that big winner yourself.