Poker Glossary - A

Poker Glossary - 'A'

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Card / Hand Nicknames

Term Description
Ace-High A five-card poker hand that contains one Ace but no, pair, straight or flush. Eg AC QD 9S 8S 2H
Aces Full A full house that contains three aces and any pair.
Aces Up A poker hand that contains a pair of Aces and any other pair.
Action (1) Checking, betting or raising.
(2) An "action" game is a game in which the players are playing a large percentage of pots.
Active Player A player who has not yet folded their hand and can still win the pot.
Add-On The opportunity to purchase extra chips during some tournaments, no matter how many chips the player has.
Advertising To show your hand after making a bluff with the intention to appear like a bad player.
Aggressive An "aggressive" player frequently raises and re-raises.
All-in When a player puts all their remaining chips into the pot.
Angle A tactic that may be within the rules, but is considered to be unfair or dubious.
Ante A small amount of money placed into the pot by each player before the hands are dealt.