Poker Glossary - B

Poker Glossary - 'B'

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Card / Hand Nicknames

Term Description
Baby A small card.
Back Door Making your hand, usually a flush or straight, with both the turn and river cards.
Backer A person who supplies players with money to play with, in return for a share of the profits.
Bad Beat When a strong hand is beaten by a hand that had very little chance of winning.
Bankroll The total amount of money available to gamble with.
Belly Buster A draw to an inside straight.
Bet To voluntarily place chips into the pot.
Bet the Pot A bet equal to the size of the pot.
Bicycle A straight containing the cards Ace, 2, 3, 4 and 5
Big Bet Poker Pot limit or no-limit poker.
Big Blind A designated blind bet that is placed by the player sitting in the second position, clockwise from the dealer, before any cards are dealt.
Blank A card that is useless in relation to a player's hand.
Blind A forced bet that is made by designated players before any hands are dealt.
Bluff To bet or raise a poor hand in the hope of getting better hands to fold.
Board The cards that are dealt face up for all players to see.
Boat A full house.
Bot An abbreviated term for "robot" - programs that automatically play without human input.
Bottom Pair When the player uses the lowest card on the board to make a pair with their hand.
Bounty A prize for knocking out a specific player in a tournament.
Brick Another term for "blank"
Brick and Mortar A real establishment with buildings as opposed to "online".
Bring-In In Seven Card Stud, the forced bet made by the player who shows the lowest upcard on the first betting round.
Broadway A straight containing the cards Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten.
Bubble The point in a tournament where there is one more player remaining than there are prizes.
Bump To raise.
Burn To deal the top card from a deck of cards, face down into the discards pile.
Button A small disk used to indicate which player is the dealer for a hand.
Buy-in The minimum amount of money required to participate in a particular poker game.