Poker Glossary - C

Poker Glossary - 'C'

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Card / Hand Nicknames

Term Description
Call Putting money into the pot to match the current bet or raise.
Calling Station A player who frequently calls, rarely raising or folding.
Cap To make the last legally allowed raise in a round.
Cards Speak A rule that says the value of a hand is based on what cards are shown rather than what the player declares.
Case Card The last card of a specific suit or rank remaining in the unseen cards.
Cash Out In online poker refers to withdrawing money from the poker room into a separate account.
Chase To stay in with a drawing hand, hoping to catch up against a stronger hand.
Check To pass without betting, but remaining in the hand.
Check Raise To check first, then to raise should anyone else bet.
Cold Call To call a bet and one or more raises.
Community Cards The cards dealt face up on the table that can be used by any player.
Connectors Cards of sequential rank.
Crack To win against a strong hand.
Crying Call A call made when you expect to lose, but the pot odds justify the call.
Cut Off The player acting directly before the button.