Poker Glossary - Card / Hand Nicknames

Nicknames for Different Poker Hands

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Card / Hand Nicknames

Individual Cards

Ace Bullet; Rocket
King Cowboy
Queen Lady; Dame; Dyke
Jack Knave; Hook; Fishhook
10 Dime
9 Niner
8 Snowman; Fat Lady; Ocho
7 Hockey Stick
6 Boot
5 Five spot
4 Sailboat; Sharp Top; Four spot
3 Trey; Crab
2 Deuce; Duck

Holdem - Paired Starting Hands

AA Pocket Rockets; Rockets; Bullets; American Airlines
KK Cowboys; King Kong; Gorillas; Kangaroos; Krispy Kreme
QQ Ladies; Hookers; Siegfried & Roy
JJ Fishhooks; Hooks; Jokers; Jay Birds
TT Dimes; Tension
99 Gretzky; Popeye's; Phil Hellmuth
88 Snowmen; Fat Ladies; Dog Balls; Race Tracks
77 Hockey Sticks; Sunset Strip; Mullets
66 Route 66; Kicks; Cherries
55 Presto; Speed Limit
44 Magnum; Sail Boats
33 Crabs; Treys
22 Ducks; Pocket Swans; Deuces

Holdem - Unpaired Starting Hands

AK Big Slick in A Suit(suited); Big Slick; Walking back to Houston
AQ Little Slick; Big Chick; Doyle Brunson
AJ Blackjack; Ajax; Jackass
AT Bookend; Johnny Moss
A8 Dead Man's Hand
A5 High Five
A3 Ashtray; Baskin and Robbins
A2 Hunting Season; Acey-Deucy
KQ Marriage(suited); Mixed Marriage
KJ Kojak; King John; Tucson Monster
KT Katie
K9 Fido; What a Dog; Canine
K8 Kate
K7 Columbia River
K3 King Crab
QJ Maverick; Oedipus
Q7 Computer Hand
Q5 Granny Mae
Q3 Gay Waiter
J5 Jackson Five; Motown
J4 Flat Tire
T8 Tetris
T7 Bowling Hand
T5 Nickel and Dime; Woolworths
T4 Broderick Crawford; Convoy
T2 Texas Dolly
98 Oldsmobile
96 Big Lick; Dinner for Two
95 Dolly Parton
94 Joe Montana Banana
92 Montana Banana
87 RPM
84 Big Brother
83 Most feared hand in hold'em
76 Union Oil
75 Heinz
72 Beer Hand
54 Jesse James; Colt

Miscellaneous Hands

KKK Alabama Night Riders; Three Wise Men
TTT Thirty Miles of Bad Road
222 Huey, Dewey and Louie
AK74 AK-47
AA88Q Dead Man's Hand
AKQJT Broadway
A5432 Wheel

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