Poker Glossary - D

Poker Glossary - 'D'

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Card / Hand Nicknames

Term Description
Dead Man's Hand Two pairs - Aces and Eights. Wild Bill Hickock was shot in the back by Jack McCall while holding this hand.
Dealer The person who distributes the cards and controls the pot.
Dealer's Position Being the last to act in a betting round. On the button.
Disconnect Protection A tool to protect players in the event that their internet connection is lost while involved in a pot.
Dog Shortened form of "underdog"
Dominated Hand Hands those are okay to play, but tend to lose against similar non-straight/flush hands. Example: A2 is dominated because against other hands with an Ace, it loses or draws without improvement.
Door Card A player's first exposed up card, in stud games.
Double Gut Shot A hand that contains two inside straight draws.
Down Cards Cards dealt face down.
Draw (1) To play a hand in the hopes of making a much stronger hand.
(2) To exchange cards in Draw Poker
Draw Dead To draw to a hand that even if made will not win the pot.
Draw Poker A form of poker in which players discard cards between betting rounds.
Drop To fold.