Poker Glossary - S

Poker Glossary - 'S'

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Card / Hand Nicknames

Term Description
Sandbag To check or call with a strong hand with the intention of raising later.
Satellite A tournament where the prizes are entries into a larger tournament.
Scare Card An up card that is dealt that make it look like someone has made a stronger hand.
Scoop To win the whole pot.
Second Pair In flop games, where a player's hand pairs with the second highest board card.
See To call.
Semi-bluff A bet or raise with a drawing hand. Can win by either making the other players fold or the draw being successful.
Set Three of a kind, using two cards from the player's hand and one from the community cards.
Seven Card Stud A variation of poker in which the player receives three down cards and four up cards.
Seventh Street The seventh and final card in Seven Card Stud and its variations.
Shill A prop who uses house money as opposed to their own.
Short Stack The player at the table with the least amount of chips.
Short Handed A game with few players.
Showdown At the end of the final betting round when player's show what hands they have to determine the winner of the pot.
Side Pot Separate pot or pots created when one or more players are all-in.
Sit'n'Go A tournament that starts when enough players have entered as opposed to starting at a set time.
Sixth Street The sixth card dealt in Seven Card Stud and its variations.
Slow Play To play a strong hand weakly in the hopes of gaining further bets on later betting rounds.
Small Blind The smaller of two mandatory blinds, the small blind being placed by the player to the immediate left of the dealer.
Smooth The lowest lowball hand of a given rank.
Smooth Call To call with a very strong hand as opposed to raising.
SNG Acronym for "Sit'n'Go".
Split To tie.
Spread Limit Betting structure in which there is a set minimum and maximum bet for each betting round.
Stack The amount of chips a placer has at the table.
Stay To call.
Steal A bluff made by a player in late position.
Stop and Go A tactic where a player calls on one betting round with the intention of make the first bet on the next betting round.
Straddle An optional blind bet, usually twice the size and to the immediate left of the big blind.
Straight Five consecutive cards.
Straight Flush Five consecutive cards of the same suit.
String Bet An illegal bet where the player places some of their chips in to the pot followed by more chips, instead of placing all the chips in at once.
Structure The limits set for the ante, blinds, and betting rounds.
Stuck A player who is losing.
Stud Games Games in which player receive both up and down cards.
Suck Out To beat a hand that had a high probability of winning.
Suit An attribute of cards - Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts or Spades.
Suited Cards of the same suit.